Industrial Engineers @ INNOCAMP

Following the invitation of the FH Steyr and on the recommendation of our head of department Mr. Bauernfeind, we travelled to Steyr on 29. November 2019, where the two-day „Innocamp“ with Master students of the course „Global Sales and Marketing“ took part. In addition, three students from our department Industrial Engineering had been invited. At the „Innocamp“, companies from various industries presented the participating student teams with current challenges with the focus on innovations. All challenges were based on topics from the GSM courses on the FH Steyr campus. Up to 10 teams were given 36 hours to develop great ideas and solutions and to present and discuss them. The pitch to be presented was evaluated by the jury. Two of us were awarded the third prize. Since „Global Sales and Marketing“ is an English-language course, the whole weekend was also spent on working and presenting in English.

Thomas Eberl, Katharina Weissensteiner and Philipp Kinast (5AHWIM)