Skiing Days of the 2nd Grade

This review is about the skiing course of the second grade. The skiing course took place from the 5. February until the 11. February 2023 in Obertauern займ 15000 на карту онлайн срочно .

We stayed at the Gottschallalm youth hostel for three and a half days and breakfast, lunch and dinner were all included. The weather was fine all the time but it was windy up in the mountains. Obertauern is one of the snowiest ski areas in the Alps. The pistes are mostly marked blue and red and are ideal for school trips and families. Gamsleiten II is the most dangerous and steepest slope in Europe and it was very difficult to ski down the hill without falling or breaking a bone. Most of us took the easy way out and skied the bypass which is a blue marked piste. A couple of students had hurt themselves while skiing or snowboarding and had to stay at the youth hostel for the remaining time of our trip.

There was one evening where there was an opportunity to go skiing at night, but you had to get a taxi to get there. In the evening we had leisure time where we were able to do what we wanted but at 10 PM we weren´t allowed to leave our rooms. The rooms had bunk beds and most of the rooms were for 4-8 people. We were divided in groups of 10-12 and every group had one teacher who skied / snowboarded with them. There were times where we fell, but that didn´t stop us from our ambition of skiing.

Overall, it was a great experience and we would go on the same trip again if we had the opportunity.

Written by Pinke, Bergschober, Gruber (2AHWII)


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